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Poem in Dimmuborgir

Following my bachelor recital, my dad and I went on a road trip around Iceland. We’re currently in Akureyri in the north. Five days in, with five days to go. Halfway!

So far, we have seen a large amount of waterfalls, we have been horse riding, swimming in hot springs, walked on volcanoes, and visited caves. I could write about it for days, but instead I’ve taken some footage along the way. When I come back to Norway, I will try my best to make my first ever video montage/vlog.

Whenever we stopped in cool areas, we also took the time to shoot some videos of me playing in different locations. I have chosen a few of them to feature them here on the blog.


The first one I will be showing, is Poem by Zdeněk Fibich. The piece usually played with accompaniment. However, getting a pianist- not to mention a piano up in the middle of nowhere, proved to be tricky. Therefore I play it unaccompanied.

My dad and I have a special relationship with this song in particular. When I started playing the violin, he read me some books by a Norwegian author about a girl from Norway who played the violin, called Ingrid and the Violin. She played this piece constantly, and after a couple of years, when I started mastering the violin, my dad bought me the sheet music for this simplified version of Poem.
One of my projects this Summer is to learn the complete version.

This performance is from Dimmuborgir in Mývatn


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Here’s to new beginnings

Today is a big day.

I played my final recital yesterday, which marks the end of my four year bachelor on the violin. It seemed fitting to start my new blog with this announcement; The beginning of something big just at the end of another.

It’s hard to describe the emotions I’ve been going through over the past few weeks. It’s been a mixture of relief over being done, sadness that it’s over, pride that I finished and fear for what comes after.

Thinking back on where I came from when I started my bachelor, I see how far I’ve come. From a small town girl from Norway with big dreams and a naive belief in the world, to a more realistic person, but no less a dreamer and even less of an adult.

I’ve learned to work hard for what I want, and not to give up even if it’s hard. These might come off as rather obvious lessons, but I needed to experience the hardship on my own before I to realise just how hard you have to work sometimes.

Funnily enough my love for music has only grown. You hear stories all the time of people who have fierce passions only to watch them fade away once they start studying it. My passion for music has only grown and become even broader.

The two years in Iceland has been the best, and hardest of my life. Last year I struggled nearly daily to be able to continue my studies here after my year abroad ended. This year, sickness and death in the family has taken its toll. For a long time I was uncertain whether I would manage to finish my bachelor or not. Sometimes though, education and passions might be exactly what you need to escape the real life. If only for a little while.

Now a new adventure begins and I can’t wait. A bachelor in Musicology in Oslo might be exactly the break from performance that I need. However, I’m very certain I’ll find ways to busy myself with performing music despite the course’s low provision of live music.

The plan was to film the concert, but due to technical difficulties, that didn’t happen. I will however receive a recording from the school any day now, and I will share it with when that happens.