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Touchdown in Hamburg!

My Summer adventure has officially begun! Last night I left straight from a concert in my hometown to go to the airport and one in the morning. I landed in Hamburg at 9 am this morning.

DumDum Boys

Today I will take things a little slow. I’m meeting some friends of the family later tonight to stay with them for a couple of days. Because of that, I’m currently stuck carrying my big rucksack all day.

I played for thirty minutes earlier and earned 20 euro, so I think this will be good. Hopefully I have enough for a knew bus ticket soon. As for now, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather. Later I’ll have a look at what exciting things you can do in Hamburg.


Busking in Hamburg

The rules for busking in Hamburg are very extensive, but the City Council of Hamburg has issued a document with all the rules written in English. You can find it here.

Basically, you can’t play with amplifiers or loud instruments like drums or trumpet unless you apply in advance. You have to move at least 150 meters every half hour, and playing between 9 pm and 10 am is strictly forbidden
Reasonable demands if you ask me. It ensures that the music being played is pleasant to listen to and is not bothersome to people who live and work in the area.

I’ve been to Hamburg a couple of times before because we have friends in the area. It’s nice to start off somewhere I can stay with friends. From here though, I plan to exclusively go to places where I’ve never been before. The whole point of this adventure is to discover new places that might become new favorites.

Have you ever busked before? If so, let me know your experiences in the comments down below.

Europe on an E-string

I’ve been home for almost three weeks now. And while it’s been lovely so far, I’m used to a high tempo, working to get through my exams. So, you could say I’m getting a little restless. Which is why it’s good that I have a lot of exciting projects coming up. On Saturday I’ll be volunteering on my first ever Pride Parade. In the end of July I’ll go away for a three week orchestra course with a tour to Berlin, Aarhus and Oslo.

But before that, I’m going on a trip that I’ve dubbed Traveling Europe on an E-string. For approximately two weeks I’ll be traveling across Western Europe, and I’ll fund it by busking. (Playing on the street for money.)

On July 9th I’m leaving for Hamburg, and from there I’ll make my way through Germany to Switzerland. From there, the journey will go to France and then either Italy or Spain.

To be honest, I don’t really have a proper plan. It’ll all go by spontaneous decisions and what I want in the moment. But of course, I’ve made an extensive list over which places are good for busking or not. Other than that, I’ll stay a couple of days before I’ll make my way to the next place. Where that will be depends on the buses and trains that are going and on the accommodation I can find.

I’m really excited to get going, and to share it all with you. I got myself a compact camera to bring with me and I’ll document everything and try my hands on vlogging for the first time. It’s all exhilarating and scary at the same time.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous about the whole trip. I didn’t used to, but then I started telling people and not only do they say things like: “That’s sounds so scary?” “Are you going all alone?” “You have to be careful.” Or the best one that my mum’s aunt told her: “Just steal her passport, then she can’t get anywhere.”

I think it’s going to be all right. What makes me nervous is that so many people know about the trip now that I feel like I have to perform well or it will be a thorough failure. I keep telling myself that whatever happens, it’ll be fine. If I have to come home after two days with my tail between my legs, it’ll be fine.

The most important thing is that I’m trying and see what will happen. No time like the present, right?

Can’t wait to keep you posted!


Poem in Dimmuborgir

Following my bachelor recital, my dad and I went on a road trip around Iceland. We’re currently in Akureyri in the north. Five days in, with five days to go. Halfway!

So far, we have seen a large amount of waterfalls, we have been horse riding, swimming in hot springs, walked on volcanoes, and visited caves. I could write about it for days, but instead I’ve taken some footage along the way. When I come back to Norway, I will try my best to make my first ever video montage/vlog.

Whenever we stopped in cool areas, we also took the time to shoot some videos of me playing in different locations. I have chosen a few of them to feature them here on the blog.


The first one I will be showing, is Poem by Zdeněk Fibich. The piece usually played with accompaniment. However, getting a pianist- not to mention a piano up in the middle of nowhere, proved to be tricky. Therefore I play it unaccompanied.

My dad and I have a special relationship with this song in particular. When I started playing the violin, he read me some books by a Norwegian author about a girl from Norway who played the violin, called Ingrid and the Violin. She played this piece constantly, and after a couple of years, when I started mastering the violin, my dad bought me the sheet music for this simplified version of Poem.
One of my projects this Summer is to learn the complete version.

This performance is from Dimmuborgir in Mývatn


Leave a comment if you liked the video and check in for more content in the future.